Workplace environment

The most important requirement for noise measurements in the workplace is the assessment of whether employees are being exposed to excessive noise where they work during the day. This is mainly a problem for different kinds of manufacturing industries, but assessment of noise exposure should be carried out in all noisy circumstances to be sure that hazardous noise levels are not exceeded. Occupational hearing loss is a serious handicap but it can often be easily avoided.

Workplace EnviromentPersonal Noise Dosimetry

Müller HRM Engineering AB performs proactive measurements with personal noise dosimeters for our customers to minimize liability and risk. We conduct detailed noise surveys with noise-logging dosimeters to confirm noise exposure levels for representative personnel positions and we compare dosimeter data against relevant standards in order to evaluate needs for required countermeasures.


Noise Measurements and Mapping

Noise levels can be determined and characterized for an entire industry by using noise measurements in the workplace. We typically show the measurement results as color maps for each premise within the workplace for easier understanding of existing hazardous noise levels. Recommendations for noise-abatement measures are often necessary. We can advice how to optimize operational and organizational processes for reduced noise exposure, with due consideration to commercial and economic factors. We often develop customized low-noise machinery designs as well as secondary noise control measures (such as muffling, enclosing etc) when more appropriate.