PAK MK II Hardware and Software

Müller HRM Engineering AB sells and supports PAK, the high-performance tools provided by

Müller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme GmbH. PAK provides an all-round solution for measurement, analysis, and evaluation of sound and vibration signals and has found wide and positive resonance world-wide thanks to its practice-relatedness and high flexibility.  

For more information regarding PAK please contact:

+46 (0)767 66 67 08


a3_allfiveFor its users PAK essentially means reducing cost by shortening development cycles. Numerous automotive manufacturers and their suppliers have been enjoying this benefit. PAK has also been used very successfully in the aerospace and general consumer and household goods industries as well as in higher education and research. Due to its modularity the system can adapt flexibly to whatever the measuring task at hand requires. It can be selectively expanded and will thus grow along with its users` requirements.  

PAK is an all-round, use-anywhere tool, adaptable and extendable to the task at hand.