Product Development

Müller HRM Engineering AB specializes in design, acquisition, assessment and optimization of sound, vibration and fatigue properties for a vast variety of products – ranging from audio equipment, engines, automobiles, household appliances, large structures, heavy rotating machinery, industrial process plants to aeronautical components.


Machinery acoustics

The objectives of our consulting activities in the area of machine acoustics are the investigation of sound emission from machines, the generation of meaningful acoustical specifications for machines, the development of measures to satisfy specific acoustic requirements and aiding clients in making structural and acoustical improvements to machines.

Machinery dynamics & pulsation

High levels of structure-borne or airborne sound emissions may lead to damage within a facility or disturb operating processes. The root cause of the problem may for instance be resonant phenomena or broad band excitations in piping, burners, valves, furnaces or heat exchangers. The damage caused by vibrations can be evaluated, and measures taken, using standard damage accumulation hypotheses combined with structural-dynamics analysis and testing.

Ping vibration

Piping vibration can be an annoying problem which can consume unnecessary maintenance activity and may affect overall system performance and endurance of a system. The system includes the pipe, all piping supports, hangers, snubbers, valves, pipe to pipe interfaces, and machinery or devices attached to the pipe. All of these items can influence the pipe vibration patterns. “On site testing” will determine the piping system vibration amplitudes, frequencies, nodal points, and the pipe modal shape. Extensive test on-site may also be used to identify defective supports, incorrectly placed supports, and the locations of maximum deflection requiring additional supports. Additionally, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) may be a powerful tool used to increase the understanding of the system behavior and to evaluate the effects of system changes.